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Scenario #1:
If located inside a cooler is a refreshingly cold bottle of Kiwi-Strawberry Snapple that upon first glance(s) looks mirky and brownish in color, with the familiar "pop" sound as you unscrew the metal lid somehow missing, the taste is like that of a bottle of wine-in-a-bag gone horribly wrong garnished with napalm and various STD's, please, do not hold the bottle to your lips and slam the whole thing regarldess of how hot and thirsty you may be. I beg you don't do it. It may or may not have caused the ear ache I now have.

Tip #1:
Check the expiry date because it might say March 2008, when it's currently October 2008.

Scenario #2:
If you're going to exchange your traveller's cheques at a "money changer" or even a "credible bank," always, always, always ask, regardless if they have a big shiny board displayed in large letters outside the office in question with an exchange rate clearly written, what the actual rate is. Those silly money exchangers are so forgetful, they might have just forgot to change the big shiny board outside that says 8600, to what the magical exchange rate changed to on this fine Sunday morning, to 7800.

Tip #2:
Always ask what the rate is before handing over any money or passport information. Never assume the exchange rate is the same from money exchanger to money exchanger or from town to town. It is common for all money exchange establishments to work together and monopolize an entire town and take an extremely outrageous commision.

Scenario #3:
If you're going to make a phone call, regardless if it's a local call, expect to pay an international rate. A four minute local phone call could end up costing you astronomical amounts of money. Even if the phone cuts out and hardly works, the little ho-bag across the counter will call all of her guy friends to the store and argue with you for 15 minutes about how the phone isn't broken. Apparently I was broken. "Arso, may you arso broken not my phone. Not my phone broke, possibree you are broke, not my phone. My phone not broken. Why you not pay now, my phone not, you broke, pay for call now! Yes, yes, you phone Indonesia from Indonesia but it still International call."

Two things were broken, her fucking phone and her uncanny ability to butcher the english language; second language or not, it was horrible. She could pronounce 'international' like a scholar but not the word 'also.' ARSO, her boyfriends facial region just about obtained broken status.

Tip #3:
Always ask what the rate is going to be. Never assume anything is fair. Always assume you are about to bend over and take it. Assume everyone wants your money and they don't want it honestly.

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The nasty colour wasn't your first clue? oh Gawd Corey it's no wonder you have lost so much weight. Can hardly wait to hear about the rear reprissals from drinking it.

by ElanaB

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